Our Mission
Winning people to Christ  
through evangelism.
Helping people to discover
who they are in Christ through
Training people to walk in the
Spirit through discipleship.
Equipping people to reach
our generation through
Our Vision
Our vision at New Harvest is to
bring Christ to the twenty-first
century and  bring the
twenty-first century to Christ.
We live in a world that is
constantly changing. However,
the one thing that remains
stable is that  "Jesus Christ is
the same yesterday, today, and
forever." (Hebrews 13:8)
Our desire is to be genuine
followers of Jesus and to teach
God's Word in a practical way
so that we can apply it to our
Our Affiliation
New Harvest is a part of a
world-wide family of churches
known as the International
Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

The term "Foursquare" refers to
the attributes and message of
Jesus Christ. These are the four
essential elements which are the
primary focus of the Foursquare

Jesus Christ the Savior

Jesus Christ the Baptizer

Jesus Christ the Healer

Jesus Christ is the Soon  
and Coming King

Our desire at New Harvest is to know
Jesus in the fullness of the Gospel.

To learn more about the Foursquare
denomination, go to their website at


Mark and Lisa Gallego are
from Southern California
where they were involved in
church planting.

They also lived in New
Hampshire for four years
where they continued to help
plant churches.

In the spring of 1990 they
moved to Northern California
where the planted a
fellowship of their own.

They have a love and passion
for people and desire to help
them reach their highest
potential in Christ.
New Harvest
     Christian Fellowship
Reaping the Abundant Life